ITT Barton Model 202E is a chart recorder that is used in gas transmission and distribution fields. It is an 12-inch accurate calibration unit that even works under extreme variations in static pressure and ambient temperatures.

The ITT Barton Model 202E has different configurations. 1 to 4 pen configurations (DP+3 additional pens). The additional pens of this instrument can be used to record temperature and supplemental pressure data.

ITT Barton Model 242E Recorder Receiver

β€’ Mounts any combination of pressure elements, thermal systems, or receiver bellows
β€’ Accepts up to four elements
β€’ Static pressure elements feature polished 316 stainless steel construction and ranges up to 30,000 psi
β€’ Standard thermal systems feature 10ft (3m) armored capillary with ambient temperature
β€’ Available in Stainless Steel (Model 242ES)
β€’ Actuated by 224 DPU

ITT Barton Model 202E Recorder

β€’ Four pen recorder measures and records differential pressure, static pressure (optional) and temperature (optional)
β€’ Additional pens can be mounted to record supplementary pressure data
β€’ Available in Stainless Steel (Model 202ES)
β€’ Available for NACE applications (Model 202N)
β€’ Actuated by 199 DPU

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