Kromschroder (Kromschroeder) provides various solutions for the petrochemical and process industries. Kromschröder supplies through ITT Controls gas line – and security, Jeavons equipment and the Elster-Instromet gas equipment.

Kromschroeder has various types of valves and filters such as:

  • Kromschroeder Gas filters GFK
    • GFK..R
    • GFK..F
  • Kromschroeder Manual valves AKT
    • AK..50
    • AK..B3
    • AKT 25-100
    • AKT 125-200
  • Kromschroeder Manual valves with thermal equipment trip AKT..TAS
    • AKT..50 TAS
    • AKT..65 TAS
  • Kromschroeder Thermal equipment trips TAS
    • TAS 32-100
    • TAS 32-50

If you need morde information about Kromschroder Valves and Filters please contact ITT Controls via

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