For customers who only want the best in the field of oil and gas burners, ITT Controls delivers  products and components Oertli Burners. Oertli stands for premium quality, reliability and durability. All Oertli products are approved in accordance with international standards for power plants, oil and gas, boilers and furnaces and other industrial applications.

Years of experience with mixing of combustion air and fuel have led to a combustion head Oertli developed that guarantees a pure and stable combustion. This will give high performance, low emissions and maximum savings. ITT Controls can help you to make the right choice burner. In addition, ITT Controls also supllies parts of Oertli burners.

Oertli Regulators

  • Oertli Regelung OE-tronic 4
  • Oertli OE-tronic 3
  • Oertli REA 130-B / 131 B
  • Oertli REA 231-B / 232 B
  • Oertli REA 532 B

Oertli Various Products

  • Oertli ENDh
  • Oertli GX 01

If you want more information about Oertli Regulators and Various products please contact the sales department at

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