Actaris Gas Regulator Technology

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Actaris Metering Systems offer regulators for residential, commercial and industrial use. The Actaris Gas Regulator Technology portfolio serves all market segments. It meets almost any recognized standard and can be customized to individual specifications. All products of Actaris Metering Systems are available at ITT Controls.

Residential Regulators

Actaris 2R Series
Actaris B31 regulator
Actaris B42 regulator
Actaris B57 regulator
Actaris B58 regulator
Actaris HR91
Actaris KEMus
Actaris SERUs
Actaris WMR / EN

Commercial and Industrial Regulators

Actaris 133 and 233 Controller
Actaris B34 regulator
Actaris B38 regulator
Actaris B838 Controller
Actaris CL231 controller
Actaris CL31 Controller
Actaris CL34 Controller
Actaris CL38 Controller
Actaris CL838 controller
Actaris RB 1700/1800
Actaris RB 2000
Actaris RB 3200
Actaris RB 4000
Actaris RB 4600
Actaris RB 4700
Actaris RR 16

Field Service Controls
Actaris B35 regulator
Actaris B36 regulator
Actaris B56 regulator
Actaris VR75

Safety Devices
Actaris SRV 155
Actaris SRV 275
Actaris SRV 285
Actaris SRV 801/811
Actaris SRV 803
Actaris SSV 8200 and 8300
Actaris SSV 8500
Actaris SSV 8600



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