Barton Instruments 350, 351, 352 and 350 Sealed Sensor

Barton Instruments 350, 351, 352 and 350 Sealed Sensor

By April 20, 2018Blog, Meters & Measurement

Model 350 Sealed Sensor

The M350 consists of a M224C DPU with a 1-inch pipe nipple rear-welded to the DPU. The nipple is 8 inches long and can be attached directly to a pressure tap at the bottom of a tank. An optional flange, welded to the nipple, is available as an alternative tank fitting. If a
reference leg is needed, it may be field-installed.

Models 351 and 352 Sealed Sensors

The M351 features a single sealed sensor; the M352 has two sensors. Both models are available with threaded, welded, or flanged mounting connections that do not require internal vessel plumbing. These sensors are compact and lightweight β€” supported by their own piping connections. In most cases, this eliminates bulky pedestals or special installations. In addition, commercial raised-faced or socket-weld type flanges may be adapted to the system, if required.

Model 305 Sealed Sensor

The M305 consists of a single sensor for vented tanks or open-channel applications. A dual-sensor system is used for pressurized tanks. The M305 is designed primarily for in-tank mounting.



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