Promo! Fema Valves for Oil & Gas Industry

Promo! Fema Valves for Oil & Gas Industry

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Besidesspecial safety products and cold protection systems Fema also designs andmanufactures safety and cryogenic valves for the oil, gas, cryongenic andaerospace industries.

FemaValves for Oil & Gas Industry:

  • S4100 – Interlocked valve
  • S3000 -Angle safety valve
  • S3100 -Angle cryogenic safety valve
  • S3200 -Angle cryogenic safety valve
  • S3300 -Angle cryogenic safety valve
  • S3400 -Angle cryogenic safety valve
  • S4000 -Changeover valves
  • S9000 -Ball valve with pneumatic actuator
  • VSFR9100- Cryogenic ball valve
  • VSF6455- Angle Cryogenic globe valve
  • VDR-SC8800 – Cryogenic swing check valve
  • VDR8355- Cryogenic check valve piston type
  • VDF6355- Cryogenic globe valve
  • VDFCA -Cryogenic pneumatic ON-OFF valve
  • VDFPR-CAGE- Pneumatic cryogenic control valve
  • VDFPR-CB- Pneumatic cryogenic control valve COLD BOX application
  • VDFPR – Pneumatic cryogenic control valve



If youneed more information about Fema valves for the safety and actuated valves forcryogenic industry please contact ITT Controls via Look at ourwebsite for more information:



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