Dia-Flo Valves and Actuators

ITT Controls also delivers Valves and actuators made by Dia-Flo. Dia-Flo products are rugged, durable and long lasting. Dia-Flo products have a service life of 20 plus years when it’s good maintained. The Dia-Flo valves are engineered for tough applications in the chemical processing, mining, power generation, pulp and paper and water treatment industries. Dia-Flo valves are made to handle media which is corrosive, erosive or contains solids which tend to clog.

If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at contact@ittcontrols.com.
Diaphragms for Dia-Flo Straightway Valves
Diaphragms for Dia-Flo Weir Valves
Dia-Flo Pneumatic Actuator
Dia-Flo 3100 Series
Dia-Flo 3200 Series
Dia-Flo 3300 Series
Dia-Flo Advantage Actuator
Dia-Flo Type B
Dia-Flo Type 17
Dia-Flo Type P
Dia-Flo Type TM17
Dia-Flo Type W1
Dia-Flo Type E1
Dia-Flo Type TM17E
Dia-Flo Bio-Pure
Dia-Flo Bio-Pure COP
Dia-Flo Bio-Tek
Dia-Flo 903
Dia-Flo 913
Dia-Flo 963
Dia-Flo 970
Dia-Flo Advantage Excel – Series S
Dia-Flo Advantage 2.0 and advantage Actuator
Dia-Flo Advantage Actuator series 47
Dia-Flo Advantage Actuator series 33
Dia-Flo Advantage Piston Actuator (APA)
Dia-Flo Actuator
Dia-Flo VSP
Dia-Flo SP2
Dia-Flo SP3
Dia-Flo Positioner
Dia-Flo Weir Diaphragm Valve
Rubber Lined Bodies
Dia-Flo Serie 2501
Dia-Flo Serie 2516
Dia-Flo Serie 2521
Dia-Flo Serie 2522
Dia-Flo Serie 2523
Dia-Flo Serie 2550
Dia-Flo Serie 2551
Dia-Flo Serie 2552
Dia-Flo Serie 2553
Dia-Flo Serie 2561
Dia-Flo Serie 2563
Plastic Lined Bodies
Dia-Flo Serie 2529
Dia-Flo Serie 2536
Dia-Flo Serie 2538
Dia-Flo Serie 2539
Dia-Flo Serie 2575
Dia-Flo Serie 2555
Dia-Flo Serie 2558
Dia-Flo Serie 2559
Dia-Flo Serie 2556
Dia-Flo Serie 2556A
Dia-Flo Serie 2545
Dia-Flo Serie 2546
Dia-Flo Serie 2548
Dia-Flo Serie 2549
Dia-Flo Serie 2540A
Solid Plastic
Dia-Flo Serie 2406
Dia-Flo Serie 2414
Dia-Flo Serie 2416
Dia-Flo Serie 2417
Dia-Flo Serie 2424
Dia-Flo Serie 2427
Dia-Flo Serie 2451
Dia-Flo Serie 2463
Dia-Flo Serie 2436
Dia-Flo Serie 2442
Dia-Flo Serie 2447
Dia-Flo Serie 2443
Dia-Flo Serie 2486
Dia-Flo Serie 2484
Dia-Flo Serie 2487
Glass Lined
Dia-Flo Serie 2511
Dia-Flo Serie 2544
Dia-Flo Straightway Diaphragm Valves
Unlined Metal
Dia-Flo Serie 2811
Dia-Flo Serie 2812
Dia-Flo Serie 2813R
Dia-Flo Serie 2815R
Plastic Lined
Dia-Flo Serie 2829
Dia-Flo Serie 2838
Dia-Flo Serie 2859
Rubber Lined
Dia-Flo Serie 2831
Dia-Flo Serie 2833
Dia-Flo Serie 2834
Dia-Flo Serie 2835
Dia-Flo Serie 2836
Dia-Flo Serie 2840
Dia-Flo Serie 2841
Dia-Flo Serie 2842
Dia-Flo Solenoid Valve
Dia-Flo Speed Control Valve

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Dia-Flo Valves and Actuators

ITT Controls also supplies products and components of Dia-Flo in the petrochemical and process industries. These products are often used and the diaphragm valves are regarded as the workhorses and foundation of the total product range.

Dia-Flo products are durable, reliable and designed for tough working environments in the chemical industry, water treatment, pollution control, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry and energy industry. Dia-Flo valves are innovative, cost effective and versatile. This is also the reason why ITT Controls supplies these products and parts. The diaphragm valves are available in various designs such as metal, plastic, plastic, rubber and glass linings. The diaphragm valves are sold in a manual and an automated version. ITT Controls advises, supplies spare parts, repairs and does maintenance products in the petrochemical and process industries. The strength of ITT Controls lies in the knowledge of the products such as Dia-Flo. For electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems ITT Controls thinks along to tailor products to both large and small customers. ITT Controls supplies heat pumps, groundwater pumps, gas meters, gas regulators, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, control valves, globe valves, open-close ball valves, butterfly valves, valves with rotary actuators, pressure independent ball valves, manual valves and filters, pressure switches, combination controls and components of Dia- Flo, Electronic flame detection and control, pilot burners and burners, further inflammation and control, thermo-electric safety, comfort controls heater controllers and measuring and testing equipment and virtually any product that is found in the oil and gas industry. If you want more information on products, parts and accessories of Dia-Flo please contact the sales department at contact@ittcontrols.com


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