Xylem Package Pumping Systems

Xylem is now part of ITT and is a leading manufacturer for the recreational marine market. Xylem Flowcontrols also has industrial applications, pumps for hygienic applications, moisture transfer in chemical processing, laboratory, paint processing and the construction. These products can be obtained via ITT Controls.

If you need a different model other than those listed, please contact us at contact@ittcontrols.com.

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Xylem Package Pumping Systems

ITT Xylem Package Pumping Systems

D 192 ITT Xylem’s Glycol Make-up Units
Cabinet-Mounted Systems
Frame-Mounted Systems
Glycol Solution/Water Make-up Unit
Heat Transfer Package
MiniBooster – Obsolete
MiniSpeed Pressure Booster
Model 70X Pressure Boosting System
Pressure Booster – Constant Speed Model 70E
Pressure Booster – Constant Speed Model 70M
Pressure Booster – Constant Speed Multi-Stage Pumps Model 70M-MS
Pressure Booster – Variable Speed Model 70VS
Pressure Booster – Variable Speed Multi-Stage Pumps
Skid-Mounted Systems
TechnoForce XLS
Technologic 502
Technologic 5500
Technologic 5500 Series Variable Primary Pump and Valve Controller
Technologic Constant Speed Pump Controller
Variable Frequency Drive – ABB Model ACS550
Zone Valve Controller – Technologic 5500 Series ZoneSav


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