ITT Controls also supplies products and components from KromSchroder (Kromschröder). The history of KromSchroder begins in 1865 and the company has had a number of transformations over the years. Kromschroeder is now part of Elster Kromschroeder (Elster Kromschröder) and the product range covers gas meters for households and commercial premises, safety valves and controller components for heating systems and systems for measurement and control of industrial heating processes.

  • Kromschroeder Air/gas ratio controls GIK
  • Kromschroeder Governors for gas GDJ
    • GDJ 15
    • GDJ 25
  • Kromschroeder Governors for gas J78R
  • Kromschroeder Governors for gas VGBF
    • VGBF..R
    • VGBF..F
  • Kromschroeder Safety overpressure slam shut valves JSAV
    • JSAV 25
    • JSAV 40R
    • JSAV 50-100F
  • Kromschroeder Safety relief valve VSBV
  • Kromschroeder Speed and relief governors VAR, GAR
    • VAR..R
    • VAR..F..-4
  • Kromschroeder Variable air/gas ratio controls GIKH
  • Kromschroeder Hot air pilot system WPS

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