McDonnell & Miller Series 21/ 221 Make-Up Water Feeders

The McDonnel & Miller Series 1575 provides continuous protection against a low water condition. Furthermore it satisfies pump control needs for commercial and industrial steam boilers.

The McDonnel & Miller 1575 compensates for rapidly changing water levels. It has adjustable burner and pump settings and powerful 1 Hp relays.

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McDonnell & Miller Series 21/ 221 Make-Up Water Feeders

Features and Benefits Series 21/ 221 Make-Up Water Feeders

For boiler receiver tanks
Direct mounting eliminates need for equalizing
Proportional feed action
Mounting Flange – six 7/16? (11.1mm) bolt holes on a 53/4?
(146mm) bolt circle
Soft seat provides positive seal
Maximum water supply pressure 150 psi (10.5 kg/cm2)
Maximum inlet water temperature 120Β°F (49Β°C)
Maximum vessel pressure 35 psi (2.5 kg/cm2)


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