RMG Flow computer series ERZ 2000

The ERZ 2000 gas flow computer conducts this transfer on the basis of the state equation for the ideal gases. Since this equation does not meet all the high-precision gas metering requirements on its own, it is also necessary that the properties of the real gas are taken into account by the use of the correction factor, i.e. the K coefficient.The RMG gas volume adjuster (ERZ 2000) can be used in combination with all gas meters (e.g. generator meters, vortex meters, ultrasonic gas fluometers, rotary displacement meters, etc.) for control and secondary metering applications and for the orifice calculation of this device.

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The ERZ 2000-NG Series l ERZ 2004-NG Volume
Corrector l ERZ 2104-NG Calorific Value
Corrector (PTZ) l ERZ 2014/2114-NG Differential
Pressure Computer

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RMG Flow computer series ERZ 2000

The ERZ 2000 flow computer is a Mac machine.The volume correction and the calculated value recording functions are therefore provided within the output framework of the PC. This system often enables the computer to be attached to a more powerful processor or a bigger memory card as technology develops. As all criteria alter, all warning messages are saved in a register. Both configuration details and computed and calculated values are contained in an easy-to-control column and line table just like a clock. All cells in this chart will be shown with the arrow keys.

As an incorporated ET 2000 data logger, it has been approved as a gas quantity, higher calorification c value and density corrector for the power transfer measurement of natural gases. For other potentially pure gasses the density correction was agreed, while for hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen the gas volume correction was also allowed.The limits set for custody transfer metering shall be monitored during normal operation. If these limits are exceeded, a warning is activated and independent turbochargers are used for calculation.


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