RMG 983 Gas carburator

RMG 983 filter has fast construction and delay-free mixture forming (Venturi principle) .The device is mechanically adjustable mixing ratio through fuel gas mixing distance. The unit is linear featured and has Turbulent mixing (homogenization).

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RMG 983 – 100/50 l RMG 983 – 140/65 l RMG 983 – 200/100
RMG 983 – 300/150



RMG 983 Gas carburator

Individual use and/or as parallel (dual filter) filter block. The unit has a large area of filter and high performance of filtration. The filter has ast maintenance (filter insert exchange) and low resistance to flow.The control unit maintains more or less continuous pressure in the intermediate chamber under the pistons of the valve, while the pressure in the rest of the system continues to rise above the piston of the valve.


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