RMG Electronic turbine meter TERZ 94

The TERZ 94 electronic turbine meter is a flow meter that calculates the flow rate of the gasses directly under the measuring conditions. Measured flow rate and volume are shown in the electronic totalizer. The working principle of the meter is based on the measurement of the speed of the turbine rotor. The gas flow enters the ring-shaped input segment of the flow straightener to the coaxial turbine wheel at a speed equal to the average flow velocity within the measurement range. The turbine wheel speed is inductively calculated by the pulse-wire sensor and the permanent magnet by non-contact measurement. The meter is also suitable for control applications as the voltage frequency is picked up directly on the turbine shaft.

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RMG Electronic turbine meter TERZ 94

Configuration The meter case includes the measurement portion of the turbine wheel. The upstream fluid straightener of the measuring device significantly reduces the friction and swirls from the gas flow and moves the steam to the blades of the turbines.


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