RMG Turbine meter TRZ 03 L

The TRZ 03-L turbine meter is a flow meter appropriate for the measurement of the custodial fluid when the sum of flow is shown as a fluid mechanic totalizer in units of volume (cubic meters at fluid) below the prevalent pressure and temperature. The speed of the turbine wheel is decreased by gearing and distributed in relation to the flu incidence to the wireless mechanical index. The TRZ 03-L turbine meter features a perforated plate directly at the inlet of the meter, which removes friction and vibration from the gases by adding the flow straighteners directly in front of the measurement device. In fact, the flow enhancer channels the gas to the blade of the turbine.

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RMG Turbine meter TRZ 03 L

Configuration The meter case includes the measurement portion of the turbine wheel. The upstream fluid straightener of the measuring device significantly reduces the friction and swirls from the gas flow and moves the steam to the blades of the turbines.


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