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The history of the brand  Schlumberger begins in the early 1900. Around 1930 the brand made​​ a leap forward and this technological innovation is still continuing. Technical challenges include Schlumberger deepwater operations, collateral flow, tapping unconventional sources, processing of heavy oil, enhanced oil recovery, high pressure and high temperature challenges, carbonate reservoirs and real-time operations.

In the petrochemical and process industries Schlumberger is a concept in the world. Schlumberger is the world’s largest oilfield services and supplies technology, information solutions and integrated project management that optimizes performance for customers working in the oil and gas industry. Schlumberger supplies a wide range of products and services from seismic acquisition and processing, drilling and drilling fluids, directional drilling and drilling services to consulting, software and information management.   For almost any application in the petrochemical and process industries ITT Controls can deliver the product or component you seek. Such as heatpumps, gas meters, gas regulators, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, control valves, globe valves, open-close ball valves, butterfly valves, valves with rotary actuators, ball valves are pressure independent. Please consult our sales department for the right product.   If you want more information about products and components that ITT Controls can supply in the oil and gas industry please contact the sales department at