ITT Controls also supplies products and components of Sperryn for the petrochemical and process industries. Besides the production of gas controls, regulators and ball valves with the highest quality Sperryn also makes components for meter installations. Sperryn Gas Controls has over 100 years experience in the international gas industry.
The range of Sperryn includes the following products: household meter regulators, non-domestic and industrial regulators (controllers), safety cut-off and pressure relief valves, medium pressure regulators, brass meter union adapters, approved gas valves, meter installation kits, boundary metering and regulating modules.
ITT Controls offers Sperryn of products and components for the oil and gas industry. These include products such as G940/G941, G1000M, Compact & G1000C G1000, G5000, G1100, R1000 and L1000.
The commercial and industrial products of Sperryn are suitable for the regulation of all low-pressure meter applications.

Sperryn Gas Controls

Domestic and Non- Domestic Meter Regulators

  • G940/G941 – Domestic Meter Regulator
  • G1000M – Non – Domestic Meter Regulators

Industrial Regulators

  • G1000C Compact & G1000 – Industrial Regulators

Medium Pressure Regulators

  • G5000 – Medium Pressure Regulator

Process Control

  • G1100 – Zero Regulator & G1200 Proportionator

Safety Valves

  • R1000 – Relief Valve
  • L1000 – Low Pressure Cut Off

Packaged Regulating Units

  • Pits – G5000 Regulator with OPSO
  • Kiosks – G5000 Regulator with OPSO

Metering Accessories

  • Brass Meter Unions
  • Firesafe Meter Control and Isolation Valves
  • Installation Kit

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