Buderus Oil- and Gas-fired Boilers

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In the Buderus Oil and Gas fired Boiler products various models are available.

The productlist of these Buderus Boilers are:

Logano plus GB145
Logano plus SB325
Logano plus GB212
Logamax plus GBH172
Logamax plus GB172 T50
Logamax plus GB172
Logano plus GB202
Logano plus GB225
Logamax U152
Logamax plus GB162
Logano G144 Eco
Logano plus SB105
Logano plus GB125
Logano G125 Eco
Logano G244
Logano G125 BE Eco
Logano plus GB402
Logano plus SB625
Logano G334
Logano GE315
Logano G215
Logano plus GE315
Logano G225
Logano GE515
Logano plus GE515
Logano GE615
Logano plus GE615
Logano plus GB312
Logamax plus GB162
Logano GE515 Γ–l-Brennwert
Logano plus SB745
Logano S825L
Logano plus SB825L
Logano S825L LN
Logano plus SB825L LN

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