Elster Gas metering Products for sale!

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The is leader in measuring and regulating natural gas since the beginning of this industry. They are pioneers in this industry and have a history of innovation for new standards for long-term accuracy and reliability. The gascontrols meet the highest requirements of quality and capacity. The product range varies from very small pressure, medium pressure LPG regulators to purpose-built controller / metering units.
Diaphragm Meters

  • AC-250 Diaphragm Meter
  • AC-250 Residential Meter Remote Shut-off Valve
  • AC-630 Diaphragm Meter
  • AC-800 Diaphragm Meter
  • AL-1000 Diaphragm Meter Side-In Side-Out (SISO)
  • AL-1400/AL-2300/AL-5000
  • AL-425 Diaphragm Meter
  • AL-800 Diaphragm Meter Side-In Side-Out (SISO)
  • AL-800/AL-1000
  • AM-250 Diaphragm Meter
  • AT-210 Diaphragm Meter
  • BK-G4 Meter
  • Curb Meter

Rotary Meters

  • RPM-CMTC with Direct-Mount ERT
  • RPM-ID

Ultrasonic Meters

  • CheckSonic
  • Q Sonic – 3C
  • Q Sonic 3 Path
  • Q Sonic 5 Path
  • S Sonic

Turbine Meters

  • Turbine Gas Meter Q & QIC
  • GT/GTS/GTX Meter
  • AccuTest Meter

If you need more information about Elster products please mail to contact@ittcontrols.com. Also check our website: https://ittcontrols.com/brands/american-meter-company/



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