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Barton instruments are used in a broad spectrum of industrial processes and are available via ITT Controls. Pressure indicators are widely used in jet engines and rockets, water treatment processes and air conditioning systems. Many meters are used and recommended for liquid level such as LOX, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, CO2 and argon. Barton indicators switches are used in circuits to alert and to check at predetermined places. For currents in pipelines, liquid levels in vessels and pressure loss in various devices such as filters, these indicators are deployed. For monitoring of the flow rate, they are used in combination with a primary element such as a hole in the line. Barton Pneumatic Pressure Transmitters offer, in one package, a tool that monitors the differential pressure (mechanical) and provides a pneumatic output signal proportional to the flow velocity. Pneumatic transmitters from Barton are designed with maximum flexibility and service with minimum cost. Tank level indicators from Barton are like any other Barton differential instruments incredibly versatile and can be obtained via Controls. Extremely robust and durable they operate in extreme and harsh environments. These DP level measure instruments use sensors at the end of the capillary tube and can measure en transfer the pressure form a distance to the pressure indicators . There are many different configurations to choose from. Tank level indicators of Barton are widely used in the U.S. Navy and industry. Barton is a reliable partner of Controls and each instrument is supplied with calibration certificates which are traceable to NIST. Mail for information or questions about Barton to